Win-Win Parenting Coaching Group

Who’s got your back?

Win-Win Parent Coaching helps you reduce the power struggles and negative, attention-seeking behaviors that are draining your energy and making parenting harder than it has to be.

You’ll learn to use practical, Positive Discipline tools that get to the root of misbehavior while encouraging your child to feel and become more capable.

With Win-Win Parent Coaching, you’ll

  • Enjoy parenting more! Connect (instead of contend) with your kids!
  • Learn simple, practical tools to reduce power struggles and repetitive behaviors that are driving you nuts
  • Teach your child constructive ways to get their needs met
  • Use the language that turns resistance into cooperation
  • Improve your consistency
  • Create effective structures and routines to support you in bringing your best to parenting
  • Enjoy the encouragement and support from a group of smart parents dealing with similar challenges
  • Get personalized coaching and solution-focused strategies from Kimberly

Limit: 6 people


2 monthly calls, 1 hour each.  Private online group for support between calls.

Contact Kimberly for more information and registration details