Less arguing.  Less yelling.  More calm.  More skills and confidence.  Better relationships.

“Working with Kimberly was a godsend.  She was responsive to the urgency in my voice and we were able to set up a teleconference for early the next day.  She quickly grasped the components and complexities of my struggles with my 14-year-old son.  I am raising him on my own, and sometimes I feel so discouraged I can’t fathom how I will make it through the day without falling apart.

One of Kimberly’s strengths, and one she used that day, is she quickly helped me put the situation in perspective.  She asked questions, and led me to my own answers.  She let my truth unfold in a way that I was able to understand and accept it.  When it happens that way, there’s no shame or recrimination.  It’s just, “Oh.  I see it now.  Hmm.  Don’t think I’ll do that again.  What can I do instead?”

Showing faith always feels good because it’s what I WANT to do.  I know it feels good to my son, and it’s reassuring to him: I can see the tension go out of his shoulders.  I guess that’s the way it is when any tool “works”.  It’s immediate feedback that what I’m doing is having a positive impact on him and our relationship.  Learning is evident when an attitude or action changes.  That’s what a good life coach helps you do–learn life lessons in a warm and supportive way.  Kimberly has helped me do that, and I am grateful for her presence in my life.” – Linda, Santa Clara

“Before coaching with Kimberly, I was at my wit’s end.  My relationship with my 7-year-old felt like it was in tatters, and I was overwhelmed, frustrated, and despairing. Kimberly’s clear, focused, patient coaching helped me remember what I already knew about good parenting, tackled the critical issues immediately, and brought me back to what I know is true: I love my daughter with all my heart, I am supremely capable of teaching her the life skills she needs to be happy and successful in the world, and she has the natural curiosity and innate ability to learn and apply those skills.” – Jenny Warila, Los Altos

“I began working with Kimberly with the intention of fostering peace and cooperation in my house. As a mom of a four and two year old, I struggle with issues that many families do–  helping the kids grow, learn, and have fun, while just simply trying to get through the day with as few tantrums as possible. The positive discipline approach has proven to be very effective as it instills a sense of responsibility and purpose for the kids and gives me a framework for learning from mistakes. Kimberly is insightful and an incredible listener. She has equipped me with discipline and routine-setting techniques and guided me through the process of implementing them with my kids.  I really do believe that working with Kimberly has helped immediately to create positive habits in our house and will ultimately create a home filled with kindness and respect.” – M.L.

“Kimberly has given me much greater awareness about my six-year-old’s problem behaviors so that I can see what’s really behind them. Then, thanks to Kimberly’s Positive Discipline coaching, I’ve learned lots of new ways I can respond to them. Now I’m better able to integrate these options and add them to my “toolkit” of strategies. Our home is tremendously calmer and happier these days.  Kimberly’s intelligent, gentle teaching has been instrumental in helping my husband, our daughter and I to be less reactive and to enjoy each other more.  We are actually getting through our morning routines and out of the house without flare-ups these days!” – Beth S.

“Very helpful, not extreme.  Has really brought a more positive tone to my household.  There have been significant improvements.  I feel more confident in my parenting.  Less talk, more action!  My kids have responded very positively to the Positive Discpline techniques.  Everyone is happier” – Lisa Becks, mom of 2 (4 & 6 years old)

“Absolutely practical things to apply immediately” – Mallory Stevens, mom of 2 (ages 9 & 11)

“Learning what may drive children’s (mis)behavior is very helpful (mistaken goals).  Makse me more empathetic to my child, in addition to figuring out how to respond/redirect.  It is helpful to get more tools, and to do so over an extended course with a small group” – a parent*

“I have gotten a lot of good ideas from this class.  We are arguing less.” – Shandon Lloyd, mom of 2 (9 & 11 years old)

“Fantastic class! Highly recommend it!  There is less yelling, more questions versus demands” – Lilli Howse, mom of 4 (ages 1 -6)

“I am more relaxed/calm” – Mark Levenson, father of 2 (ages 3 & 6)

“The examples, they are really useful because those are the problems we have at home” – Yadira Arizmendi, Nanny to two boys (ages 3 & 6)

“The role play was most effective since it got you in the moment and then the group discussed it”- Diana Bujtor, mom of 2 (ages 6 & 8)

“Discipline doesn’t require punishment.  Made a huge difference for our daughter and completely turned around her relationship with her grandmother”” – Austin Leininger, father of 3 (ages 1 – 5)

“Yes, more encouragement in our house.  Less time outs, less yelling” – Heather, mom of 2  (ages 2 & 4)

“Both of us are speaking the same language more with regard to discipline” – Catherine Berger, mom of 3 (ages 1 – 5)

“A rich set of concepts and tools for building a strong relationship, now and for the future, honoring all …I am more patient, and developing techniques for being more firm.  I would love an advanced support group for another 4 to 6 weeks!” – Jenny, mom & stepmom to 2 (ages 5 & 11)

“Loved Kimberly’s empathy and reality-check moments” – a mom*

* When permission to use quotes anonymously is granted, it’s respected.