Solving The Mystery of Parenting Teens

Feel like you’re just not communicating with your teen?  Worried about motivation, risky behaviors, or just want strategies for a more peaceful, respectful relationship?

Solving The Mystery of Parenting Teens is above all, practical.  It’s packed with tools and strategies to help you navigate real challenges like

  • Encouraging ‘tweens or teens who lack motivation
  • Strategies for dealing with new situations like parties and dating
  • Making & keeping agreements
  • Follow through – where the rubber meets the road
  • What to do when you’re concerned about your teens’ friends
  • Helping your teen develop real self confidence and self-esteem
  • Teaching responsibility
  • Failure
  • Dealing with scary behaviors like drug or alcohol use, teens & sex, bullying
  • Taking care of yourself

So often the parenting tools you’ve “always” used need a major overhaul when your kids become teens.  When you get scared, you tend to revert back to fear-based parenting.  That won’t help your teens develop the skills they need for life.

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Solving The Mystery of Parenting Teens was designed by Lynn Lott, co-author of Positive Discipline books,  Alicia Wang, and Kimberly Gonsalves as a companion workshop to the book Positive Discipline for Teens, by Lynn Lott & Jane Nelsen.  We developed this course so parents can stay connected to their teens, and keep faith in their kids and in themselves during the important  teen years.

This course is currently offered in the U.S., China, and Mexico.  It’s also available as an online course.  Positive Discipline is used by parents in over 58 countries around the world.  It can help you build a great relationship with your teen, too!

Your registration includes all course materials, including Positive Discipline for Teens, Rev. 3rd edition by Lynn Lott and Jane Nelsen, plus Solving The Mystery of Teens Parent Handout Guide