Here are some links I find to be useful.

American Academy of Pediatrics – the site is full of articles and information on a range of developmental ages and stages from infancy through young adulthood, covering topics like developmental milestones, nutrition, school, and more.

Common Ground Speaker This coalition of Bay Area schools brings national speakers, who are experts in the areas of parenting and education, to area schools.  If you join their mailing list you can get summaries of presentations after the event.

Common Sense provides reviews on books, movies, video games with age appropriate guidelines, what parents should be aware of, and suggested discussion questions for families.  Members (adults and children) can review media as well and offer their own opinions on age-appropriate ratings and rationale.

Redwood City Events shows a calendar for the city’s events.

Kids Reads – provides recommended reading lists for kids, reviews on new books, book lists, author interviews and more.

Birds + Bees + Kids Amy Lang, M.A., helps parents talk to kids about…the birds and the bees!  Everything I’m reading suggests the earlier we begin age appropriate discussion about sexuality, the better.  Waiting until puberty hits is not the ideal time to start having these conversations.  This website offers suggestions for age-appropriate discussions, books, and other resources.  There’s a lot here, no matter how and when your family decides to do this.

Stanford “Heart to Heart: A Seminar on Growing Up for Parents & Kids” – a program to get parents and kids talking about puberty, the opposite sex, and growing up.  For boys and girls ages 10 and up.  Boys and Dads attend the boy talk.  Moms and daughters attend the girl talk.  Click on the link Heart to Heart.