Positive Discipline for the Elementary Years

This class series is for parents of children who are looking for positive ways to encourage skills related to self-help and independence, cooperation, responsibility and development of healthy social skills.   Build a strong foundation and parent in a way that is sustainable in the long run (meaning your needs figure into the equation, as well!).  Get a dose of encouragement, laughter and practical tools to make the sometimes difficult days easier.  Discussion, experiential exercises and role play help you learn by doing.

More Calm & Cooperation

  • How to invite more cooperation from your child
  • Dealing with discouraged behavior
  • Working together: temperament and personality
  • Keeping your cool in the heat of the moment
  • Understanding misbehavior so you can respond effectively

Tuesdays, Feb 21 & Feb 28 from 11:00am – 12:15pm PST online

$49 person

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Setting Limits That Stick

  • Help children build responsibility, resourcefulness and resilience
  • Why punishment and rewards aren’t the best tools in the long run
  • 3 characteristics of limits that teach (typical areas of challenge include homework, screen time, chores)
  • Problem solving together

Tuesdays, March 21 & 28 from 11:00a am to 12:15pm online

$49 person

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