What we decide about our experiences determines how we move forward.

Life is full of challenges, wins and losses.  While much is outside of our control, what we decide about our experiences (and ourselves) and how we respond to life's challenges is up to each of us.  

Are you a coach, mental health professional, educator, or mentor committed to your own "inner work" and looking for transformative tools and practices to share?   

Encouragement Consultant Training
Encouragement Consultant Training is a 2 day training in applied Adlerian psychology.  You'll learn to apply the principles and techniques of Adlerian psychology to life’s real challenges.  Practical, experiential exercises help illuminate your habitual patterns of thought and provide insight and strategies to help shift your mindset, recognize and manage your emotions, and step out of your comfort zone toward the goals you want to achieve.  Applicable to all relationships, including your relationship with yourself.

Designed by Lynn Lott, MA, MMFT (co-founder of Positive Discipline), with over 30 years experience as an Adlerian therapist in private practice, and a respected Diplomate in Adlerian Psychology, this training is based on time-tested principles and techniques that help people build awareness and skills to live life more fully, with hope and courage.

Early bird pricing $350.  

Are you looking for:

* Simple ways to identify discouraging thoughts and learn to change them?

* Guidance in working intelligently with emotions, instead of bottling up or blowing up?

* Insight that leads to action, instead of avoidance or self-criticism?

* Practical tools to work with the inner judge or critic so you can move forward to your goals?

* Proven strategies to encourage, communicate and get into action, building stronger, healthier relationships with yourself or others?  

You'll leave this training with a toolbox of proven experiential exercises and a framework for helping yourself or clients  gain clarity around beliefs, manage emotions to improve motivation, and ultimately, change old behavior patterns.  

You'll learn to
* Identify the most common disempowering beliefs that lead to self-handicapping behaviors
* Dismantle negative thinking and create new beliefs from the inside out
* Enjoy greater self-acceptance  
* Encourage yourself, so you can sustain motivation with less reliance on the approval of others
* Practice
 new behaviors that support movement toward your goals
* Communicate your thoughts and emotions honestly, in ways that make it easier for others to "hear" you

Early bird pricing $350 - register now.  (Ask about discounts for groups of 3 or more.)

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Kimberly Gonsalves,  ACC, CPDT


Kimberly is an ICF-accredited coach, Certified Positive Discipline Trainer, and mom of 2 teens.  She has been co-facilitating the Encouragement Consultant trainings with course designer Lynn Lott since its introduction in 2015 and is a Master EC Trainer.  She has been practicing Adlerian principles of encouragement and mutual respect in her own family since 2003, and leading Positive Discipline trainings for parents, teachers and professionals who work with children and families since 2010.  Mindfulness and self-compassion practices, neuroscience and the science of habit formation complement her studies in Adlerian psychology and inform her coaching practice.  A decade of corporate banking experience has given her a love for measurable results. 

Samantha Ayala Garcia,


Samantha is a Certified Positive Discipline Parent & Classroom Educator, Encouragement Consultant and Certified Educator, Friends Forever International.  She is passionate about helping parents enjoy the journey and raise healthy, confident children.

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Redwood City, CA

 November 3 & 4, 2017

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Have a question that isn't addressed below?  Don’t hestitate to reach out with further questions.

  • Cancellation/Refund policy:  
    We make every effort to make sure your workshop is held on the date specified, however we reserve the right to cancel if the minimum number of registrations is not met, so please do not book your travel until we confirm your training date.  In the event of cancellation by organizer, participants will be notified by email used to register and will be offered a full refund.  Due to the small size of the group, we cannot offer refunds for cancellation.

    What's included?  
    You'll receive Lynn Lott's books, To Know Me Is to Love Me and Do It Yourself Therapy  as part of your registration fee, providing you with both the experiential activities and a fuller understanding of Adlerian theory.  Light snacks and water will be provided.  Please bring your own snack if you have dietary restrictions.  Lunch on your own both days.                           

      Discounts for groups?   
    Yes, when 3 colleagues or friends register together, you'll receive a 10% discount.  Please contact Kimberly for payment instructions at  kimberly@parenting4thelongrun.com, noting "EC Bay Registration" in the subject line.