Encouragement Coaching

The Adlerian principles that underlie Positive Discipline are relevant for all relationships, not just parenting.  The Encouragement Coaching model is based on experiential activities and materials compiled and created by Lynn Lott, MA, MMFT, Diplomate Adlerian Psychology and is delivered in a 1 or 2 day format.

Encouragement Coaching is about developing the mindset and skills you need to thrive in your adult relationships:  Self-awareness, empathy, openness, flexibility, encouragement, credibility, communication and conflict resolution skills.

We all ask ourselves, “How can I get from where I am now to where I want to be in my life?”  

The movement toward our goal often requires a change in both thinking and action.  In being and doing.

Alfred Adler said, “All problems are problems of relationship.”

That’s what we find, isn’t it, as we dig into our lives and evaluate what’s standing in the way of us achieving our goals?

Sometimes we are the ones standing in our own way.  The problem relationship is the one we have with ourselves: we’re overly critical, robbing ourselves of joy because nothing ever seems good enough.  We compare.  We judge.  We shut down and avoid, rather than confronting our problems.  We berate ourselves for mistakes and wonder whether we are crazy to believe change is even possible.  How can we bypass the negativity so we can take empowered action?

Sometimes there are external challenges en route to our goal.  Success often requires us to invent something new and work effectively with others who have different beliefs and approaches to problem solving.

And many times, reaching our goals requires us to surmount internal and external obstacles.

How do we maintain our equilibrium when we are stretching out of our comfort zone?

How do we learn to think, feel, and do something different?

Encouragement Coaching is focused on building awareness, accepting what is, creating a plan, and getting into action on the things that are most important to you.



In the 1 day workshop, you’ll

  • Identify your own private logic.  What are you really telling yourself about a given situation?
  • Notice which beliefs are keeping your stuck.  Learn an easy method to change your thoughts, feelings or behavior.
  • Get clarity on specific behaviors that get in the way of getting what you want
  • Add imagination, body awareness and whimsy to your problem solving tool box
  • Practice sustaining focus and motivation
  • Speak up for yourself
  • Take a small step in the direction of your goal.  Or a giant leap if that’s your style!

The 2 day workshop takes a deeper dive into the Adlerian principles behind the activities and builds in additional practice time.

The goal is simple:  Feel better.  Do better.

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