How would coaching benefit you?  Schedule a Positive Change Strategy Session and discover how we might work together. 

Individual coaching might be a good fit for you if you’re noticing that what you’ve been doing hasn’t been getting the results you want. 

Or, perhaps you’re recognizing that your energies are so diffused, it’s time to re-focus on a few essential relationships and priorities. 

Whether you’re looking to
parent more effectively, restore balance to your own life, or develop new habits, coaching offers a unique opportunity for support, challenge, and accountability in creating the change you envision.

Clarity  Clients who work with me get clear on:
-  Who they are at their best, and how they can nurture and grow their strengths

- The impact they want to have, and which activities are most important to their success

- Goals and a clear path for reaching them

- Beliefs and behaviors that are undermining their efforts

Developing New Skills  Coaching is a very effective process for supporting sustained change.  Personal growth and change requires ongoing learning, development of new skills, and awareness of the beliefs that may be keeping you stuck.  Learning to drop the judgment, accept what is, and become an observer of yourself is a skill in itself.

Focus It can be hard to stay focused on what’s most important.  I  help clients create systems to measure progress,  helping you sustain attention and stay positive as you learn from your successes and mistakes.

Results You might be able to do it alone, but it’s faster and more fun with someone in your corner. 

As a professional coach, I share a wealth of “best practices” with you.  

We set clear objectives together, with specific action steps and timelines for moving through each milestone on the way to your goals.  

What could you achieve with the right resources?

Michele successfully wrangled 2 kids under 5 to establish more effective routines, including reducing morning power struggles with a very early riser

Jenny developed more firmness and confidence in dealing with a child who was stretching her patience to the breaking point

Jacquie lost 30 pounds, established solid self-care routines, and opened her own Etsy store

Jennifer stuck to her vision of landing a great job that was a fit with her skills, and negotiated a raise in a down market

Paul found the courage to address long standing health issues and make a change in a job that was lucrative but not as satisfying as he wanted

Laura successfully reduced sibling rivalry between 2 brothers and got to enjoy her strong willed child a lot more

Linda was parenting solo and was able to stay firm and kind with a teen who lacked motivation

Are you longing for more peace, joy, and closeness in your family?

Faith that your kids will actually learn from their mistakes?

Courage to try something new, or change an old pattern you’ve struggled with?

Self-compassion, without giving up on achievement?

I love encouraging people as they take on new challenges, rewire their relationships, and experience the joy that comes from living in line with their best intentions. 

Clients say I bring a gentle intensity, keen insight, and a sense of humor.

In addition to the Adlerian-based Positive Discipline focus, I encourage and support clients in the practice of science-based mindfulness, developing healthy habits, and cultivating compassion. 

It’s about progress, not perfection.  

You CAN do it – one step at a time.

How would coaching benefit you? Schedule a 
Positive Change Strategy Session
 and discover how we might work together.