Classes & Workshops

Invest in yourself and your family when you attend a class or workshop and learn how to:

  • Use tools other than rewards and punishments in order to motivate children to learn responsibility, problem solving skills, and respect for self and others
  • Promote cooperation in your family while building life skills & confidence that come from competence
  • Find non-punitive solutions to everyday problems (routines, chores, etc.)
  • Understand your child’s behavior so you can respond effectively
  • Get into your child’s world.  Learn how your child sees things so you can find mutually respectful solutions that address the needs of the situation
  • Practice self care & set healthy limits

Kimberly creates an atmosphere where real parents (of real kids) can learn together, share wisdom, and provide support & encouragement as they play with new ideas and practice effective long-run parenting skills.  The results?  More cooperation, less yelling, fewer power struggles, much more working together to solve problems – happier families!

Based on a curriculum developed by Jane Nelsen, Ed. D. and Lynn Lott, M.F.T., authors of the best-selling Positive Discipline series of books, the  classes are interactive and fun.

It’s all about creating connection and a sense of significance, helping kids feel and become capable, know that they count, and develop the courage and life skills they’ll need for the long run.  Discipline that does that is positive and effective!

Classes, workshops and parent education presentations  cover the following topics:

  • The positive approach and parenting style
  • The beliefs behind misbehavior & goals of positive behavior
  • How to encourage and empower children
  • Effective communication
  • Why punishment isn’t effective long-term and what to do instead
  • Setting limits, consequences, making agreements & follow through
  • Family meetings
  • What we invite from our children
  • Positive time out & many other practical tools