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Parenting Through Death & Loss

My last post was in honor of my Dad on Father’s Day.  It was also the day I got the news that the cancer Dad had only recently been diagnosed with was taking over his whole body, and his organs … Continue reading

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Teen Stress: “Be There for Me”

The San Mateo County Department of Education’s “Respect 24/7” conference, held in late October, provided a sobering opportunity to hear teens talk about what they need from us as parents, teachers, school administrators.  Data compiled in the County of San … Continue reading

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Power of Connection (part 2)

Truth in advertising: connection before correction is one more area where before you can do the thing you need to do (correct your child), you have to do something else first (connect with your child).  And, in order to be … Continue reading

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Take The First Step

Sometimes parenting can feel relentless.  Apparently being a teenager isn’t that easy, either. My son coined the phrase “stressure”, as in, “Mom, I’m under a lot of stressure.” I immediately knew what he meant. (It actually made me think of … Continue reading

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Letting Go Without Abandoning (Part 3)

After dinner, she came running around a corner, and slipped and fell on the floor.  More tears. My brain began to catastrophize – about the homework that hadn’t been started yet.  I helped her up, telling myself, “Just be calm … Continue reading

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