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Parenting Through Death & Loss

My last post was in honor of my Dad on Father’s Day.  It was also the day I got the news that the cancer Dad had only recently been diagnosed with was taking over his whole body, and his organs … Continue reading

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Fathers Know Best

Do you take risks, set boundaries, and move with confidence in the world?  You might say “Thanks, Dad!” Most Dads do whatever it takes.  They work long hours.  They fix things (expertise not required).  They listen when you have had … Continue reading

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Easy Family Meetings

What if there was a way to boost the feeling of connection and significance for each person in your family in just 10 minutes a week?  Would you be interested? What if it also helped fill your emotional “tank”, while … Continue reading

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Savoring the Moment

Sometimes we just have to savor the moments our children hand us, and not think too much about it!  Today started like that… This morning in the car, my children decided to play chess.  On a magnetic chess board – … Continue reading

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501 Spanish Verbs and Other Surprises

At last, my pack rat habit pays off!  A couple of nights ago my 11 year old needed help studying for a Spanish test, and I was able to whip out  my 1982 edition of 501 Spanish verbs!  Many of … Continue reading

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25 Ways to Change Your Perspective & Foster Gratitude

Sometimes I lose perspective (along with my mind, my religion, my patience, my keys…).  I get tunnel vision and become overly focused on what needs improvement.  Then I get discouraged.  When I remember to look for progress and not perfection, … Continue reading

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