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3 Reasons Your Kids’ Routines Are Shaky (And What To Do About It)

My “easy” child is now 13, and the outside world (the one I inhabit) at times holds way less interest than what her friends are doing, watching on TV, posting online, etc.   If physical effort is required, it usually … Continue reading

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Teen Stress: “Be There for Me”

The San Mateo County Department of Education’s “Respect 24/7” conference, held in late October, provided a sobering opportunity to hear teens talk about what they need from us as parents, teachers, school administrators.  Data compiled in the County of San … Continue reading

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Time Out – Bad News for Brains

A recent TIME magazine article by Dr. Dan Siegel explains why time out is not a tool you should be using with your kiddos. First, Dr. Siegel says time out is the #1 discipline tool used by parents and the … Continue reading

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The “Best” Stress

As your kids head into summer, this is a timely reminder that many of the “stretching” experiences they will face (making new friends at summer camps, trying new experiences) are good for them!  And for you.  Sometimes parents worry more … Continue reading

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Letting Go Without Abandoning (Part 3)

After dinner, she came running around a corner, and slipped and fell on the floor.  More tears. My brain began to catastrophize – about the homework that hadn’t been started yet.  I helped her up, telling myself, “Just be calm … Continue reading

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