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Tip #4 Holidays – Be Present & Pay Attention

Tip #4 is be present and pay attention.  It’s possible to “miss” good chunks of your life because you’re so focused on getting things done – or thinking about the future or the past – that you forget to pay … Continue reading

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Time Out – Bad News for Brains

A recent TIME magazine article by Dr. Dan Siegel explains why time out is not a tool you should be using with your kiddos. First, Dr. Siegel says time out is the #1 discipline tool used by parents and the … Continue reading

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The Power of Connection (part 1)

Jane Nelsen (author of the Positive Discipline series of books) says, “Children will listen to you after they feel listened to”. Sigh. How do you know when someone is really listening to you?  Think about your own experience. In my private … Continue reading

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