Positive Discipline & Parent Coaching

Professional Parent Coaching for parents who want to raise capable kids – who thrive!

Specializing in supporting parents who want to raise capable kids – in a way that’s joyful and sustainable: invite more cooperation, restore calm, improve your relationship with your child as you use effective discipline.  Help your child develop life skills to thrive.

Your kids are amazing – and you wouldn’t trade being a parent for anything! You’ve never experienced such joy. Or frustration!


You’re not getting the cooperation and respect you deserve: you’ve tried taking privileges away, nagging, and yelling and it just makes things worse.

You’re at a loss as to how to set and enforce limits without a battle of wills.

Your kids push you to your limits sometimes, then you “lose it”, and your vision for the wise, loving parent you want to be feels out of reach.

You feel competent and respected at work, and wonder why it’s so much harder at home.

You know you should be taking better care of yourself, but …

Welcome!  If you’ve found your way here, I know you’re someone who is committed to bringing your best to parenting.  Parenting might be the hardest thing you’ve ever done (with the least amount of training)!  It’s not always hard, but when it is, it can bring a lump to your throat and suck away your confidence in yourself and in your child.

Parenting is a marathon, not a sprint! Raising capable kids and maintaining your own sanity in the process doesn’t happen by accident.

I get it: I’m a mom, too. I’ve been there!  And I have wonderfully effective tools and experience to share with you.  It doesn’t have to be so hard.

By working together, connecting with your own wisdom and love, and integrating effective discipline principles and tools that I can teach you, you can develop a parenting style and principle-based roadmap so you can enjoy the journey more!

Parenting 4 The Long Run helps you use the daily mistakes and challenges to learn and grow.  When people learn in an atmosphere of encouragement and respect, growth happens.  When you work with me, you’ll

  • find renewed confidence in yourself and in your children, as you build effective parenting skills read Jenny’s story
  • discover and leverage your strengths (and your child’s strengths) and create a plan for working on skills that need to be developed read ML’s story
  • shift your perspective, and shift what you do, creating room for your children to do something different, too.  read Linda’s story
  • build awareness, develop a great set of positive parenting tools, and show yourself some compassion, which all help you in your most important leadership role read Beth’s story
  • Get through the tough days with everybody’s dignity intact read Kimberly’s story